Long Steel Rail Press


The Long Steel Rail Press is an independent book press located in

Louisville, Kentucky

The press operates in the DIY – folk style of Do It Yourself

Writers, Poets and Artists

have full control over the creation of their work

Contact John Paul Wright for more information, pricing and details.


The Table is a book about becoming a radical activist. It is also a book about what happens to a person, a folk musician, radical activist when they burn out. This book is about being the first musician to open the I.W.W supported tour, The Joe Hill Roadshow. This book is about inspiration, meeting famous people, NYC, Christopher Street and … meeting with poet Wendell Berry several times at his farm in Kentucky. This book is about railroading, hobo’s and darkness. It is a wee bit about wildness and want.

Three years ago, Robert “Landshark” Avkast went to prison. A lot has happened in that time: He missed the birth of his daughter; the newspaper startup he helped put on the map is a household name; and Neo-Nazis, emboldened by the 2016 national election, are marching through the streets of Las Vegas. Caught between his interests with the Family, a Las Vegas crime syndicate, and Anti-Racist Action, an anarchist group dedicated to fighting the growing fascist presence in city, Landshark will have to be fearless and clever just to survive. And driving the Nazis from his city is another monster entirely.

The 69 eclectic poems in my new book,
“I’d Never Shoot a Man While He’s Washing Dishes: Arcturian Love Songs,”

are a reflection of the deep and abiding love I have for my beloved Jinn Bug.
These storied poems reveal the chaos, the tumult, the magic, the secrets,
and the mystery of our nearly 7 years together.

A ride on the steel rails that stretch straight down the middle of Kentucky. This book of poetry and verse was inspired by my love/hate relationship with my career as a locomotive engineer slash, union activist.